Volunteer Testimonials

York Chan

I started finger painting 20 years ago and have regularly been practising for the past five years. I know that art can be therapeutic, hence I decided to join S3 as a trainer to allow stroke survivors to express and enjoy themselves through this art form. S3 has such a nurturing environment and the camaraderie among their members is evident. I certainly hope to continue contributing to this happy and supportive community!

Lena Tan

I initially agreed to join S3 as a volunteer out of curiosity. At that time, I did not know much about stroke survivors and had the misconception that they were all elderly. One can only imagine my shock when I met some of the younger stroke survivors!

Since my first day at S3, I could tell that the members are all determined to recover and enthusiastic about participating in S3 programmes. I was particularly moved by their camaraderie, as they motivated each other to achieve recovery. I am also glad to be able to forge a bond with each member and even their families as I spent more time with them.

Volunteering with S3 is a unique experience for me. I thought that as a volunteer, one would give time and support. I did not expect to receive anything in return. However, I learnt so much about human resilience and the joy of giving through interaction. It is incredibly heart-warming to see their smiles and experience friendship with stroke survivors. The satisfaction I gain from volunteering with S3 is immense, and this is what keeps me going back week after week.



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