You’re Not Alone

A helping hand

Our once active lives took an unexpected turn when my loving wife, Janelle, suffered a stroke at a tender age of 38.

With a young impressionable daughter in tow and no first-hand experience with stroke survivors, I embarked on a journey to care and provide for Janelle as she took the turbulent path towards recovery.

Being a caregiver for the first time was an uphill task but an even bigger challenge was my lack of skills to console my once very active wife whenever she was frustrated with her situation and had lost hope of any recovery.

Like a helpless bystander, I stood by her and watched as she fought many of her painful physical and emotional struggles alone.

Amidst my struggles to cope with stroke, my young daughter too went through battles of emotional turmoil as she witnessed her mother’s struggle with stroke and need my focused attention and love.

It was at times like this when I wished there was help readily available to caregivers. It took me several years to learn how to look after and provide proper care to Janelle. And the one key learning that I took away from my experience is that caregivers need not walk the path alone.

My aim is to share my caregiving experiences with those who need support.

- Vincent Lim


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