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It was an unforgettable day on the 28th of July 2021 when Mr Poh Tong Seng suffered a stroke. On that fateful day, he remembered that he consulted a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner as he was experiencing neck and back aches. Mr Poh found out that his blood pressure was high.

After consulting the TCM, Mr Poh lost his sense of direction while he walked. His body veered to the left when he wanted to turn right. He immediately visited his doctor and was transported to the hospital.

Mr Poh did an MRI scan which revealed a cholesterol clot in his brain. The clot was the cause of his stroke. In the next few days, Mr Poh lost his mobility and he needed to rely on a wheelchair. He was also prescribed blood thinners, high blood pressure medication and was placed on rehabilitation for a month.

Mr Poh might have a history of high blood pressure that he was unaware of. He also enjoys fried food items, which are one of the main culprits of a stroke.


Mr Poh exercising on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill during his rehabilitation session. 

Life after stroke:

“Before my stroke, I led an active lifestyle. Imagine the boredom that I felt when I had to spend most of my time at home! Every day, I had to keep up with my medication. I couldn’t wait to regain my normal life before my stroke.” Mr Poh said.

For Mr Poh, a stroke brought many bitter pills for him to swallow. Not only did he need to cope with his physical challenges, he also had to face his emotional burdens as well.

“I was walking with a limp which made my self-esteem very low. People around me were curious about my stroke and asked me questions about my health. Sometimes, I felt that some of them were in fact sniggering at me. But, it might be just my imagination.”


Mr Poh exercising on the Robo-Walk.

The recovery journey:

Despite his health setback, Mr Poh kept a positive mindset. Even his neighbours were surprised at his rate of recovery. Mr Poh progressed from sitting on a wheelchair to being able to walk independently now.

He also regained his ability to drive and return to work. “My driving skills used to rival that of an F1 driver, you know,” Mr Poh chuckled. “Even though my skills aren’t as good as before, I am just happy that I am able to drive again!”

When asked on his secret recipe to success, Mr Poh commented: “Do not give up! Just keep moving and exercising as much as you can, whenever possible.”

Mr Poh was referred to S3 and he found that the Walk-On@S3 programme gave him a new experience in rehabilitation. Through the programme, Mr Poh was able to make much improvement.


A loving family which stands by Mr Poh

“It was really heartbreaking to know that my husband suffered a stroke. The news was devastating. What was his condition like? Was it severe? How was this possible? he kept himself fit!” These were the first thoughts that ran through Mrs Poh’s mind when her son informed her about Mr Poh’s stroke.

Mrs Poh’s care, concern and love are important ingredients to Mr Poh’s recovery. She knew that she needed to accept Mr Poh’s stroke. She even resigned her job to care for Mr Poh. 

Besides accompanying Mr Poh on his medical and rehabilitation appointments, Mrs Poh also monitors and assists Mr Poh during his exercise sessions to avoid accidental falls. 

“I am really lucky to have a supportive family. I know that it is not easy for them. They have to make many sacrifices which I am grateful for. My son even wanted to give up his studies to help with my medical fees. I assured him that I was able to cope,” Mr Poh highlighted the importance of family support, which is key to his recovery.


(Mr Poh with his loving wife)

Mr Poh’s goals for the future:

Mr Poh’s greatest wish is to be able to go on a holiday. He hopes that he possesses the energy to go on longer scenic walks during the tours.

“I am really happy to see my husband committing to a positive mindset and improving along the way. Positivity helps a stroke survivor to be receptive to accepting help from his or her loved ones.” Mrs Poh said.

To Mr Poh, we are really inspired by your experience, and you are really a great role model to other stroke survivors in the community! We are also truly touched by the love that you have received from your family during your recovery journey. Keep this positive attitude up!


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