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Corporate Volunteering - A meaningful experience

This month, we place the spotlight on two of our volunteers Sun Eeg and Seow Leng. Despite having retired, both Sun Eeg and Seow Leng continued to be part of the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) Corporate Social Responsibility volunteering program called Health@Home. They would receive regular email and Whatsapp updates on the various volunteering opportunities in the community.  

Both Sun Eeg and Seow Leng aim to stay active even into their retirement years and are very happy to still be connected to these volunteering opportunities. They also feel fulfilled whenever they see our stroke survivors making progress in their recovery journey. 

Volunteering together as colleagues is a special experience. Let us look at their volunteering stories in S3. 


Sun Eeg

"I feel proud about PSA's effort to engage the community. After working for many years, I will get sick and tired if you told me to stop moving!" Sun Eeg said with a chuckle. For many retirees like Sun Eeg, volunteering not only helps them to occupy their time. They also can make a meaningful impact in their communities. 

In S3, Sun Eeg volunteers in the trunk matwork, lower limb resistance band, modified sports, dynamic standing and upper limb programmes (Wow, that's a lot!). No wonder he is one of many S3's "Gold" volunteers who had dedicated at least 48 hours inspiring stroke survivors and caregivers. 


Initially, Sun Eeg was not sure whether he was confident enough to support the stroke survivors. However, with the dedicated guidance from the therapists, he managed to assist them well.

"The therapists will inform us what to take note of for each patient and what they can improve in so that we can better help them. This way, stroke survivors can see more improvements. The therapists in S3 are very observant and detailed in their explanations." Sun Eeg highlighted. Sun Eeg enjoys his volunteering experience as he gets to interact with staff, fellow volunteers, stroke survivors and caregivers. He sees them as his friends now. 

Sun Eeg also gained valuable knowledge from his volunteering experience, from operating the blood pressure monitor to learning the correct postures of every exercises. He will share what he had learnt with his ex-colleague Seow Leng who also volunteers in S3.

Sun Eeg's kindness touches our hearts. He even bought snacks and tidbits for fellow volunteers when we had outings to Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer in 2019. The volunteer community in S3 is indeed close-knitted.

Volunteering in the midst of COVID-19

Sun Eeg hopes to help as many people as possible. As such, he participates in multiple volunteering activities. "Volunteering is just like my full time work now. It has become a part and parcel of my life." Sun Eeg said.

Sun Eeg remained an active volunteer during the COVID-19 period last year. Due to COVID 19, many events and group based volunteering activities were cancelled. Sun Eeg felt sad at first as he loved to participate in them. However, he decided to try delivering food and necessities to the vulnerable groups. He also visited and interacted with residents who were living alone and found this experience refreshing.


During the COVID-19 period, Sun Eeg participated in the virtual fitness sessions conducted by the physiotherapists and rehabilitation trainers. At first, he could not see whether stroke survivors were properly executing the exercises. This was because he was used to participating through his phone which was too small. He adapted and switched to using his computer and IPad so that he could better observe the movements. "Volunteering virtually is innovative and this will continue to grow in the future! We need to embrace it and adapt accordingly." Sun Eeg said with enthusiasm. 

Sun Eeg is a role model for us. His selflessness, dedication and courage to try new experiences to help others truly inspire us.

Seow Leng

"I support PSA's efforts to promote a spirit of volunteerism." Seow Leng echoed the same thoughts as Sun Eeg. For Seow Leng, volunteering gives her a sense of satisfaction as she can help others.

Seow Leng finds that the volunteering programme in S3 is well organised. Throughout her volunteering journey, she learnt to be patient, positive and determined. She believed that during COVID-19, creativity is key to building a vibrant volunteering experience. 

"We can better relate to each other and show great teamwork!" Seow Leng reflected on volunteering together with Sun Eeg, her ex-colleague. The close- knitted team spirit helps to strengthen the supportive environment in their volunteering effort. Seow Leng volunteers in the K-Pop fitness programme and would share her experiences with Sun Eeg.

To all corporates, we would love to work with you on your social responsibility programmes! If you would like to support us, you can email us at info@s3.org.sg.


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