For Stroke Survivors and Caregivers

Diamond Painting Workshop


We are happy to invite Ms Annie Ong to conduct a diamond art workshop session for stroke survivors. Ms Ong is a stroke survivor herself and it is such an inspiration to see her recovering well, to the extent that she can lead classes. It must have taken much practice for Ms Ong to reach such a level of expertise. She is happy to share her joy and skills with other stroke survivors.

"I feel a sense of fulfillment that I am able to accomplish something." Ms Ong highlighted her achievements.

During the session, stroke survivors created their very own diamond bead keychain. First, they identified and separated different coloured diamond beads. Next, they had to carefully pick up these beads with a special pen and arrange them conscientiously to form different shapes such as a cupcake. Participants needed to mix and match suitable coloured diamond beads to create a beautiful and artistic keychain.

This diamond craft activity helps stroke survivors to be nimble in their finger movements. This required good muscular control ensuring that the diamond beads were placed in their proper positions. Stroke survivors could improve their cognitive ability as they discerned various colours.

(Ms Chow completing her diamond art piece with utmost concentration)

Like her students, Ms Ong started her passion by crafting simple diamond art pieces such as making a keychain. Gradually, she became more proficient, till the point that she can create full portraits!

If you are interested to pursue diamond art craft as a hobby, you can even buy custom made pictures to complete your diamond art piece. These pictures can include shots of your family, friends or a pleasant scenery.

(A full portrait diamond art piece, kudos to Ms Ong who succeeded in attempting this portrait)

"To encourage ourselves to conquer stroke, we can find new and interesting activities to do!" Ms Ong said. Indeed, accomplishing something boosts one's confidence and drive further improvements.

Here are some shots of their masterpieces:

We would like to thank Ms Annie Ong for her dedicated support!



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