For Stroke Survivors and Caregivers

Wellness Activities for Stroke Survivors

Our virtual wellness programmes introduce fun and creative learning for stroke survivors. They pick up interesting techniques while keeping active in the comfort of their homes.

Chair Yoga

What does a cat, a pigeon and an eagle has in common? Nope, we are not talking about exercising in a zoo. These are actually yoga poses that help stroke survivors to improve their flexibility and balance through bending and stretching exercises. Yoga links breathing to movement which enhances the impact of rehabilitation. By practising yoga, stroke survivors reduce their fear of falling and become more independent with daily activities as they gain confidence in their movements.

Thank you Project Yoga-on-Wheels for conducting the chair yoga sessions for stroke survivors.


Stretch and Strengthen

During the "Stretch and Strengthen" activity, stroke survivors exercised their upper body, back and abdominal muscles through support, stretch and pulling techniques. These exercises help stroke survivors improve their pelvic and abdominal muscles, which aids in better digestion.


Virtual Art Therapy

How do you feel when you take a look at a beautiful piece of art in a museum or gallery? "Who is the artist? Where is this art created?" You will ask yourself. A sense of enjoyment and calmness then washes over you. Art helps stroke survivors to explore their emotions and express themselves creatively. This is especially important for stroke survivors with speech problems to communicate their feelings and thoughts. 

What do you think these art pieces represent? 

One of our beneficiaries who feels very proud of her masterpiece.


Dough Art Workshop


We use dough to bake the most fragrant bread and sweetest cakes. But do you know that dough can be used to create beautiful works of art too? During the session, participants rolled, kneaded and pinched their way to artistic success. These actions keep their fingers nimble. Their end products? Cute little dough dogs that melt your hearts! Thank you ArtSe for beautifying the lives of stroke survivors!


Zumba Gold

For stroke survivors, Zumba enhances their cardiovascular health and improve their strength and flexibility. Stroke survivors can enjoy practising Zumba everyday using common household items such as towels. An energetic music playlist helps too!


K-pop Fitness

Stroke survivors are transported to an energetic K-pop concert through K-pop Fitness. Well, this concert is special as it requires them to not only enjoy listening to popular K-pop hits but also move to their groove as well!



Breathe in... Breathe out... You think that breathing is easy, isn't it? However, in Taichi, your lung capacity, coordination, speed of breathing and many other factors determine how you can breathe well! Instructor Edwin teaches stroke survivors proper breathing techniques and various movements to help them relax and manage their stress. 


Music Therapy

The greatest music hits on Spotify and Youtube touch our souls deeply. What do these hits have in common? Meaningful lyrics, addictive rhythms and mesmerising melodies! Throughout the session, we can hear stroke survivors say: "Hey, I remember this song!" and "I like the happy notes of this music piece!" Indeed, music helps stroke survivors to improve their cognitive abilities and communication skills.



Mention about kickboxing and you will probably think of wrestlers fighting in the ring. Sporty, tough, daring... These words are often used to describe kickboxing. However, kickboxing can actually be adapted to suit the needs of stroke survivors, enabling them to improve their muscular strength.


We would like to thank Active Red, Get Movin' for Charity, K-popX Fitness, the Association for Music Therapy Singapore and Mr Edwin Tan for supporting our virtual wellness programmes.


Stroke rehabilitation is not just about physical exercises. We believe that a stroke survivor's social and emotional rehabilitation are important too! Read more about our approaches towards wellness: http://www.s3.org.sg/programmes.




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