Cheque Donation

Kindly issue a crossed cheque payable to “Stroke Support Station Ltd”, and mail it to

Stroke Support Station
Enabling Village

20 Lengkok Bahru, #01-04 Playground,
Singapore 159053 

Please include your name, address, I/C no. and telephone numbers on the reverse side of the cheque in order for us to issue a receipt to you.

Donate Online

You may donate online through the NVPC portal (


Requests for donation refunds can be made via email to S3 or the card-issuing bank/company should there be an error of donation amount, if the donor wants to retract his/her donations or if there was the unauthorised usage of the credit or debit card for the donation.

Donations Refund Requests via S3

Refund request must be submitted in writing, within seven days, of transaction made to together with the transaction details of the donation. All refunds will be processed and completed within 45 days from the date of the request.

S3 will require all related acknowledgement documents that were previously issued to the donor - such as official tax deductible receipts and donation forms - for the said donation. S3 reserves all rights to request for additional personal particulars and transaction information from the donor as and when required to authenticate the refund request.

For bank transfer payment, a donor will need to provide S3 with bank details so that the refund can be made directly to the donor’s bank account. For credit and debit card refunds, the donation amount will be refunded directly back to the donor’s card.

All refund requests for donations made via external online donation portals will be handled by the respective merchants if the external online donation portals have not credited the donations to S3's accounts. Donors are to contact the merchants directly with their donation cancellation requests.

Fundraise for Us

Online Fund Raising  

Organise an event, be it be a birthday, festive occasions, weddings, turn the celebration into something more special. Ask your family, relatives and friends for something a little different other than presents and well wishes - support your fundraising campaign and donate for a meaningful cause.

If you are more creative, you may want to start your own whacky and fun campaign. Do a dare or something adventurous as part of your fundraising campaign - do a dance at the Merlion, a vertical marathon of 30 storeys, be silent for a week. You can start your version of famous Ice Bucket campaign too. 

On, you could create campaigns to fundraise for us.

Start an online fundraising campaign for us through NVPC's portal.


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