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Who needs to care about stroke? Stroke survivors? Caregivers?

Everyone needs to pay attention to stroke. Why is this so? 

Suffering a stroke destroys our physical, emotional, mental and social health. Even our loved ones are not spared as well. When everyone of us is involved, we can achieve great results in reducing the effects of stroke. 

How can we get involved? What can we do?

S3's outreach activities help you to achieve your efforts. Through interesting talks and workshops, we hope to increase your knowledge about stroke. With better awareness, you will know what to to to prevent stroke. You can also better advise your loved ones around you.

S3's outreach programmes also strive to build a community to help stroke survivors and caregivers. Stroke survivors and caregivers need to rely on much support to cope well. By participating in our outreach activities, you will learn more about the experiences that stroke survivors and caregivers face. You can play a part by lending a shoulder to them, enabling them to feel less lonely, sad and frustrated.

Let's take a look at S3's outreach initiatives:


Corporate Talk with the Port of Singapore Authority

High blood pressure, smoking and high cholesterol... These are physical causes of stroke. However, do you know that stress, an emotional condition can cause a stroke too?

We conducted a talk with the staff from the Port of Singapore Authority to share with them about how stress leads to stroke and various coping strategies. Participants learnt to tackle their sources of stress. If you are feeling tired, does having more snacks and coffee help you to cope with stress effectively? No. Instead, find out more about why you feel tired. Do you have too much work? Or do you have to take care of your loved ones who have fallen ill? Then, you should target the root cause of your stress such as getting more assistance.

We would like to thank the Port of Singapore Authority for supporting us.

Senior Exercise @ Lengkok Bahru

Every Mondays, our staff and volunteers conduct exercise activities with the residents of Lengkok Bahru. Keeping fit and active is an important way to prevent stroke as it reduces stroke risks such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. These group exercises forge interaction and community spirit among the residents. The residents motivate and encourage each other to join in the fun together.

The exercises are led by our volunteers who have learnt much expertise, guidance and knowledge working with our therapists and beneficiaries.

Our volunteers interacting warmly with the participants.

A fulfilling Monday morning filled with fun and joy.

Time for some interactive ball games to train coordination and strength!


We would like to thank The Saturday Movement for their support.

Sharing Sessions with Stroke Survivors from Alexandra Hospital

During the sharing sessions, we invited our beneficiaries to share their experiences with other stroke survivors. We also introduced our programmes and services to stroke survivors from Alexandra Hospital. The joint sharing sessions encouraged stroke survivors to continue their rehabilitation in the community after their discharge. Attending rehabilitation for a longer term helps stroke survivors to  improve their recovery progress and prevent de-conditioning.

"I often lost my temper and felt frustrated. However, I learnt how to manage my emotions better." Mr Ricky Yeo, a stroke survivor and S3 beneficiary said.

Research has shown that participants who attends community rehabilitation are more active and satisfied with their lives!


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