Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke can cause long-term physical and/or cognitive impairments in persons affected by stroke, such as reduced mobility in one side of the body and/or impaired cognitive or speech abilities. Strokes affect every individual differently depending on the severity of the stroke and where it occurred in the brain. Thus, not all stroke survivors will experience the same effects.


Regardless, stroke-focused rehabilitation is key in the recovery process for persons affected by stroke. Consistent targeted rehab can help individuals to train functional abilities, regain their independence, and eventually reintegrate into everyday life once again. Learn more about the available types of rehab services we provide for stroke survivors below! 


Note: An Initial Assessment (IA) by our licensed therapists is required so that our team can evaluate and better understand your rehab needs. This allows our team to determine which services may help you best. Click here to learn more about our IA or contact us at 6473 3500 / info@s3.org.sg for more info. 

 Active Rehabilitation

Our stroke-focused active rehab programmes are suitable for stroke survivors with medium-to-high levels of physical or cognitive deficits following the stroke, affecting the quality of everyday life. Active rehab seeks to improve one’s physical or cognitive abilities with frequent sessions of rehab and at moderate intensity, tailored to suit each individual’s needs.



Physiotherapy (PT) at S3 typically consists of both conventional therapy and tech-enhanced and robotics assisted training. In addition to a regimen of exercises specially designed for each individual, the use of various cutting-edge rehab equipment may also be integrated into your rehab programme to complement conventional therapy and help you meet your recovery goals. Such equipment also provides precise, real-time data analytics and feedback so that users can track their progress.

Examples of advanced PT-targeted technology available for qualified clients at S3 include:




AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill


Robowalk Expander Treadmill


Guided by therapists licensed by the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), a thorough assessment will first be conducted to determine the types of equipment that are most suitable for your recovery. S3’s PT sessions improve the overall physical well-being of persons affected by stroke, such as endurance, mobility, gait speed, balance, and more.


Occupational Therapy

Similar to PT, occupational therapy (OT) at S3 typically consists of both conventional therapy and tech-enhanced and robotics assisted training. Our occupational therapists apply tasks-specific practices which train different aspects of physical fitness, tailored to meet the unique needs and recovery goals of each individual. These practices and exercises emulate activities of daily living (ADLs) to help stroke survivors re-learn the ability to carry out daily functions, such as eating, dressing, writing, and many more. Clients will also be guided on different methods and solutions to support these activities. 


Examples of advanced OT-targeted technology available for qualified clients at S3 include:

ArmMotus M2 Pro




Speech Therapy

A stroke can affect cognitive-communication abilities for some persons affected by stroke, such as aphasia, dysphagia, and/or others.


Our licensed speech therapist will design sessions targeted at improving a stroke survivor's speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing abilities, and/or others through a customised therapy programme tailored to meet each individual's needs.


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