Wellbeing in Focus:

Wellness Workshops at S3 @ JP


S3 had a great lineup of Wellness Workshops from January to March this year as part of our Wellness Programmes!


We partnered with The Style Atelier to prepare and conduct four different workshops for our members at S3's Jurong Point centre. Each workshop was targeted at empowering persons affected by stroke by allowing participants to learn something new, upskill themselves, and ultimately boost their confidence and independence.


Conducted by trainers Ms Violet Chan and Ms Joy Oleander, the workshops were well-received by participants for the unique topics featured. Let's take a look at what we learned together!


Workshop 1: Self-care in the Ritual of Makeup

In this ladies-only workshop, participants were introduced to a crash course on using adaptive makeup to look good and feel good! 



Everyday makeup techniques were modified and simplified to suit the needs of persons affected by stroke, such that applying makeup can be done with one hand. Examples include using the back of one’s affected hand as a makeup palette and using push dispensers instead of those with screw caps for easier access. Our ladies also learned simple but effective mental reframing strategies that encourage positive thinking after a stroke.



Finally, participants also received a goodie bag filled with skincare products sponsored by Dermoalogica, makeup products sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics, and a makeup brush set sponsored by The Style Atelier!


Workshop 2: Mastering Dining Etiquette

We were feeling fancy in the second workshop that taught members about basic dining etiquette! The room was prepared with props such as plates, utensils and even simple foods to simulate a dining experience for participants to show off their skills.



Some skills that participants learned included how to elegantly sip some soup, the right way to rest your utensils after your meal, and also ways to modify utensils for better handling for stroke survivors! 



Participants also learned that mastering basic dining etiquette allows for opportunities to connect with others and have meaningful conversations over a good meal, highlighting that stroke survivors can reintegrate into society and enjoy fine dining and living like anyone else.


Workshop 3: Colour My Life!

We explored a recent trend among youths in the next Colour My Life workshop that was all about colour analysis! 


Members learned that different colours can stimulate different moods and emotions for both ourselves and those around us, and also how they can complement everyone differently. Participants also experienced all the hype about colour analysis, where everyone discovered their skin tones (cool/warm/neutral) through various methods and also their respective colour palettes!




Workshop 4: Explore Inclusive Social Media

In the final workshop of S3’s lineup of Wellness Workshops, members embarked on a digital journey to master the basics of Instagram. 


Together, we created our very first Instagram accounts, followed by our first posts, reels and stories that featured our personal life in bite-sized pieces. Participants not only followed and interacted with each other on Instagram, but also made new friends in the workshop! We also learned simple ways to protect ourselves online, such as to be wary of potential scams on Instagram. 




With the new skills they learned about using Instagram, we look forward to seeing how members will create content to share their own stories about stroke recovery and connect with others online!



We hope that participants enjoyed the lineup of Wellness Workshops and look forward to applying what they learned in their everyday life! 


If you are an S3 member and you missed out on this series, fret not – we are planning another run at S3’s Enabling Village centre, expected in the second half of the year. Stay tuned for more updates soon!


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