The Road To Recovery

Support and care from the people closest to the stroke survivor are often the best way they can recover from stroke. It provides them with a sense of emotional security that helps them to re-build their confidence and sense of independence.

The recovery process is always sped up when someone is at the stroke survivor’s side.

As a caregiver you can:

  1. Be the pillar of strength
    Give the stroke survivor as much support and assurance as possible. This should be communicated in words and actions.

  2. Be a good listener
    A stroke survivor will be speech impaired and this will prevent the ability to express feeling clearly. It is important to be patient and lend an active listening ear in order to help him find a new meaning in life.

  3. Be gentle but firm when necessary
    Strike a balance between showering affection and enabling the stroke survivor’s recovery. Doing everything for the stroke survivor may slow down their recovery progress. The stroke survivor will need to learn to be as independent as possible.

  4. Be the link to the world outside of stroke
    Restriction of social activities and changes in lifestyles is a frustrating aspect of a stroke survivor’s life. It is important to be their partner and engage them in activities that they enjoy. This helps them regain their confidence in meeting other people, even strangers.

  5. Accept help when offered
    Being the caregiver does not mean that the ownership of the stroke survivor’s recovery falls on you. There is a lending hand available at every stage of the recovery process. [Click here to find out more]

(Source: National Healthcare Group)


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