Our Management

Ms Ng Rei Na

Executive Director

Since 2009, Ms Ng Rei Na has served in various social service sector roles both locally and internationally prior to her appointment as the Executive Director of S3. Her experiences include heading Singapore’s largest disability sheltered workshop and social enterprise programme in MINDS, and later leading the Employability Services unit at Rainbow Centre. Rei Na also sits on the Board of Directors for Workability International since 2019. 

Ms Alexis Lau

Head, Rehabilitation & Wellness

Ms Alexis Lau has over 20 years of diverse rehabilitation experience in various clinical settings in Singapore, US and Australia. Alexis is an AHPC-Fully Registered Physiotherapist in Singapore, and is also licensed with the Physical Therapy Board of California, USA.

Ms Brenda Lee

Head, Advocacy & Strategic Communications

Ms Brenda Lee has close to a decade of experience overseeing communications at MINDS, one of Singapore’s largest social service agencies. She has carved out a strong portfolio in effective media relations, public education campaigning, events management, branding and digital marketing. Most recently she has moved back to the social service after a stint in the public health sector overseeing strategic communications within the population health office.

Mr Lim Yuan Kang

Head, Strategy & Partnership Development

Mr Lim Yuan Kang has over a decade of both professional and volunteering capacity in the community health and social care sector. His prior experiences include working with community health service providers and those with disabilities. In particular, Yuan Kang led a pioneering programme with caregivers to enable alternative models of employment for persons with special needs that required high support. 

Ms Chia Sok Hoon

Head, Finance & Administration

Ms Chia Sok Hoon has worked close to 2 decades in the Long-Term Intermediate Sector with headship experiences leading the Finance, Business Office and Human Resource Departments. Sok Hoon has extensive experience as an external auditor having served a wide range of clients from various industries prior to joining the healthcare sector. Sok Hoon is a fellow Chartered Accountant with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.


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