Care & Support

We understand that the complexities of stroke recovery require personalised care and support for stroke survivors and their caregivers. S3 is committed to providing the following services to support the stroke community in their recovery journey.


*Click here for a range of useful resources that may help you and your loved one in the recovery journey!


For more information or assistance, please contact us at 6473 3500 (Hotline), 8062 6690 (WhatsApp) or info@s3.org.sg.


Case Management

Our care team assesses the needs of stroke survivors and caregivers to facilitate the development of care, coordination and advocacy plans for members.


Case management at S3 also includes the coordination of services and ad hoc intervention (e.g. counselling).


Information and Referrals

We provide stroke-related information and connect stroke survivors and caregivers to community resources and support services.


Talks for Caregivers

We recognise that caregivers of persons affected by stroke may face a unique set of challenges that are different from other caregiver groups. S3 conducts educational talks that are specially curated and designed to equip our caregivers with useful knowledge, skills and information that can help make the recovery process easier for you and your loved ones. 


Additional subsidies (for eligible members only)

To ease the financial burdens of stroke survivors and caregivers, S3 can provide subsidies for our stroke rehab services and Wellness Programmes on a case-to-case basis according to means-testing.


To learn more about eligibility for subsidies and how you can apply, click here or contact us at 6473 3500 (Hotline), 8062 6690 (WhatsApp) or info@s3.org.sg.


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