Outreach & Community Health

The number of reported stroke incidences in Singapore has been on a steady rise among both the young and old populations. Beyond stroke rehabilitation and recovery, S3 thus seeks to also raise awareness about stroke and encourage healthier lifestyles within the community in our effort to not only reduce risk of stroke, but also other health problems.


S3 Active Ageing Centre @ Jurong Point (NEW!)

S3 is dedicated to preventing strokes and other chronic conditions among seniors by encouraging active lifestyles, monitoring of vitals, facilitating community connections, and promoting engagement in health-oriented events and campaigns. All these efforts will be channelled through the new Active Ageing Centre (AAC) by S3, situated in Boon Lay.


Residents 60 and above living within our service area can sign up for free as members, where they can easily access assistance for services, stay informed about events, and enjoy meaningful outings. Services provided include:

  • Weekly communal meals and gatherings at or near Jurong Point

  • Door-to-door befriending

  • Wellness and Active Ageing Classes and Workshops

  • Community and social engagement events

  • Health Awareness Talks and Campaigns

  • Monitoring of vital signs

  • Referrals to health services or other activities


For more info or enquiries related to our services as an AAC, please contact us via WhatsApp at 8066 5986 or email aac.boonlay@s3.org.sg. You can also find us conveniently located in Jurong Point, Level 6 (accessible only via Lift Lobby A).


Stroke Awareness Talks & Roadshows

We conduct Stroke Awareness and Prevention Talks (SAPT), educational tours, roadshows and campaigns catered to both public and corporate groups respectively to arm our audiences with the relevant knowledge that can keep stroke risks at bay. We are able to conduct our SAPTs onsite at your offices or via Zoom.


For Public

SAPT with NTUC Health Active Ageing Centres, Active Ageing Hubs and Senior Activity Centres


SAPT with Loving Hearts Multi-Service Centres @ Jurong


Stroke Awareness Roadshow 2023


Site visit by ITE Community Care and Social Services students


For Corporates

Virtual SAPT with WingTai Holdings

For enquiries and collaboration opportunities, please drop us an email at info@s3.org.sg.


S3 Brochure
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  • A Stroke Support Station, 20 Lengkok Bahru, #01-04, Singapore 159053

  • T +65 6473 3500

  • E info@s3.org.sg

  • Opening Hours Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 5:00pm