Fees & Transport

Stroke-focused rehabilitation is crucial in the recovery process for not only stroke survivors, but also their caregivers and loved ones. Rehab helps to retrain one’s functional abilities, regain independence, and reintegrate into everyday life once again. However, such targeted rehab could be inaccessible by those with financial challenges due to high and unaffordable costs. 


To make stroke-focused rehab accessible to all, S3 provides appropriate subsidies for eligible members according to means-testing. Contact us at 6473 3500 (Hotline), 8062 6690 (WhatsApp) or info@s3.org.sg for more info or enquiries.


All costs listed below are in SGD.


Service Fees


Type of rehab


Permanent Resident (PR)

Active Rehab

$10 ~ $100

$36 ~ $100



Type of programme


Eligible for Financial Assistance (FA)

Onsite Programmes

*$5 per session


Virtual Programmes



*Total net price depends on the total number of sessions required for the programme, which can vary for each cycle. For example, if Kickboxing has 10 sessions, then $5 per session x 10 sessions = $50 net. No refunds will be provided for missed sessions.


Transport Fees

Transport options and subsidies are provided for members who require assistance in reaching our respective centres for rehabilitation and/or wellness sessions. An assessment by S3’s licensed therapists is required to determine whether the client is eligible for this service.


To learn about the available transport options, please contact us at 6473 3500 (Hotline), 8062 6690 (WhatsApp) or info@s3.org.sg.


Additional subsidies (for eligible members only)

To ease the financial burdens of stroke survivors and caregivers, S3 can arrange for subsidies for our stroke rehab services and Wellness Programmes on a case-to-case basis according to means-testing. Our care team will work with you to understand your unique financial background and needs, and determine the type of eligible subsidies that can support your recovery journey with us.



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