Wellness Programmes

A stroke can cause changes in a person's cognitive and emotional abilities. Our Wellness Programmes complement active rehabilitation to improve psychosocial and physical well-being and cognitive development through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Virtual programmes are also available.


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Physical Fitness

S3 provides a wide array of fitness classes to support the physical health of persons affected by stroke. These activities are specially designed and adapted to suit the unique needs of stroke survivors, and also complement physiotherapy and occupational therapy in active rehab to facilitate the stroke recovery journey.


Examples of physical fitness activities include:

  • Kickboxing

  • Pop Pilates

  • Aerobics

  • Tai Chi

  • Many more!



With a better state of physical health, stroke survivors can perform better in their therapy sessions and even in their daily functioning.


Creative Arts

Creative arts classes such as Finger Art, Watercolour Pencil Art and more can improve the psychosocial wellbeing of stroke survivors by allowing participants to express themselves in creative and non-verbal ways.


These sessions not only promote social engagement and confidence, but also allow participants to learn about themselves in their journey of stroke recovery.



Mental Wellbeing

Maintaining mental wellness can play a crucial role in the recovery journey for persons affected by stroke by promoting emotional resilience, which can reduce feelings of frustration and anxiety, and also foster a sense of empowerment and control during the recovery process. Some activities targeting mental wellbeing include Art Therapy (upcoming!) and Animal-Assisted Programme.



Neurologic Music Therapy at S3 is a special Wellness Programme that not only improves moods and social engagement among participants, but also targets cognitive-communication abilities for persons affected by stroke. 


Talks & Workshops

Stroke survivors and caregivers have the opportunity to be connected with experts in the field of stroke care. Participants can learn from these experts as well as from each other as they share their questions and perspectives about stroke related topics during discussions.



Events & Gatherings

We believe in helping our members to regain confidence, improve mental health and reintegrate into the community by providing social engagement opportunities through events.


By organising outings and celebrations, our members are able to meet similar others that share their unique experiences that let them know they are not alone in the stroke recovery journey. 




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